How to upgrade Ghost using drag and drop

After writing my Gost 0.5.3 article I thought it would be nice to write a tutorial in how to upgrade Ghost using more drag in drop and less »

Ghost 0.5.3 update: No More Cries

Hi fellas to another article on Ghost, the smartest new blog platform ! Ghost is making progress with the 0.5.2 and 0.5.3 updates: littles updates with important »

A política numa visão SUD

Gostei muito do excelente artigo Neutralidade Política da Igreja SUD (A Igreja de Jesus Cristo dos Santos dos Últimos dias, ou Mórmon). É para mim um exemplo de como outras »

Eleições 2014 - faltam apenas 6 dias

Pesquisa Datafolha deste dia 26/09 pode ser o mais próximo do resultado final da eleição. »

The day we can't see who's the real from the digital me arrived?

Today super 3D artist Chris Jones (his website here) posted a video of his amazing work in progress of a hyper realistic human head, along with animated emotions. Why it's »

Ghost vs WordPress opinion

Maybe that's what Ghost is for: a good blog, but not a complex one. In some way, WordPress birth as a blog tool made it a little strange to become »